Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bill Moyers on Corporate Tax Dodgers

First posted 7/3/14:

"FedEx made $6 billion over the last three years and didn’t pay a dime in federal income taxes, in part because the tax code subsidized its purchase of new planes. This gave FedEx a huge tax subsidy worth $2.1 billion." Set asides brought to you by the same traitors in Congress who force the U.S. Postal Service to pay Congress $5.5 billion in extortion money just to stay in business. Thanks Bill Moyers for the list:


First posted FB 7/1/14:

Ok, two things for locals, did you hear all the notices on TV today about the thunder storms? You'd think we were about to wash away. The one that ended up getting a great laugh at dinner was when they told us to stay away from windows. Thank goodness they saved lives all over the Truckee Meadows with that one! The other thing is for Renoites--is anyone else annoyed that we now have to pay $2.25 for extra bags or branch bundles that don't fit in the trash? Used to be we'd slip the guys a fiver once in a while, but now the trash folks require a sticker per item and those stickers cost bucks. The guys tell us they are being watched and are afraid to go against their bosses on this. Yesterday I heard all our recycled items are being sent to China (haven't verified it yet). That's been proven to be very bad economically and environmentally, and an inhumane strategy. Did we vote for this unsound business practice, is it another lamebrain plan by our city council, or is it the knuckleheads on the staff that came up with this unsound business practice?

Katrina Vanden Heuvel Calls Out Bill Kristol

First posted FB 6/29/14:

Is “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” burying their own lead? Why isn’t their webpage even giving access to the round table? By far the most newsworthy item on the show was Katrina Vanden Heuvel calling out Bill Kristol: “The balance is off. For example, the President should go to Congress if he is going to take military action in Iraq, and that was a part of your interview, George. And I think, we’re sitting here at a moment, when we’re talking about John Boehner, but the central question about war and peace in this country, there is no military solution to Iraq. And I have to say, sitting next to Bill Kristol, I mean the architects of catastrophe that have cost this country trillions of dollars, thousands of lives, there should be accountability. If there are no regrets for the failed assumptions that have so grievously wounded this nation, I don’t know what happened to our politics and media accountability, but we need it Bill, because this county should not go back to war. We don’t need armchair warriors, and if you feel so strongly, you should, with all due respect, enlist in the Iraqi army.” THANK YOU Ms. Vanden Heuvel for speaking the truth to a megalomaniac neocon warmonger. I can't link you to the Roundtable, because apparently "The Week" staff are in the bathroom hiding. But here is a recent opinion piece by Ms. Vanden Heuvel: http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/katrina-vanden-heuvel-where-is-the-accountability-on-iraq/2014/06/16/eba0ff24-f597-11e3-a3a5-42be35962a52_story.html?wprss=rss_katrina-vanden-heuvel

Cuckoos in the News Room

First posted FB 6/29/14:

Hey ABC News, does everything in your world have to be an arms race? Title is more revealing about the real cuckoos working in the media entertainment industry, but still interesting story, if light: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/cuckoo-wages-evolutionary-arms-race/story?id=24352098

K-college Burnout Over Assessment

First posted 6/28/14:

Interesting, I see some of the same problems in the NSHE system. Thankfully we have made strides at fixing our equity where I teach, but other schools in the system have not. Assessment remains something of a hoop dance, countless new, meaningless hurdles that definitely cause us to loose focus, and have absolutely NOTHING to do with helping our students to succeed. Clearly this is a national phenomenon affecting K-college. 

Shell needs to stop drilling

First posted FB 6/28/14:

Ok, let me be clear, I come from a proud family of oil people. My father, uncle and grandfather all worked for Sinclair; all three remained loyal and dedicated to oil until their last day. But my father had diversified quite a bit by the time he retired with a stint as an drilling engineer at the Nevada Test Site, and he was one of the first geothermal engineers in the U.S. and for the State of Nevada. Our generation, all of us, probably owe our standard a living and college educations of our entire generation to the oil business. But its done. Any oil company that has not figured out its time to diversify and transition to solar, wind and any other sources of cleaner, more renewable forms of energy that our engineers can develop is lost in a time warp. The time for the oil industry has come and soon will be a thing of the past. Time to evolve. Mother Earth has done everything possible to make this clear to all thinking humans. 

The View; Who Cares?

First posted in FB 6/27/14:

So Sheri and somebody I've never heard of named Jenny (I think) are leaving The View and their FB page asks who should replace them. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. How can they ever replace the chemistry of a cranky, loveable renown comic, a bitchy conservative blonde married to a football player, a ditzy Christian single Mom, and Barb? Well, the obvious answer is don't. Find a new mix. The other obvious answer is another question: who cares?